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Viva Tips - IELTS (Part 4)


Academic Writing

In the IELTS Academic exam you are required to write two pieces of writing. The first is to describe a graph and the second is to write an essay. You have twenty minutes for task 1 and 40 minutes for task 2.

General Writing

In the General IELTS exam you are also required to complete two writing tasks. The first is to respond to a problem or situation using a letter. The second is to write a discussion style essay. You have twenty minutes for task 1 and 60 minutes for task 2.


  1. Practice writing and ask a friend or your teacher to check. Ask them to not correct your mistakes but to highlight the type of mistake so that you can self correct.

  2. Plan your writing. Just a few bullet points before you start writing will help you to format a good paragraph and will keep you writing on topic. The biggest mistake students make is not answering the question.

  3. Look at sample IELTS writings. Compare a low score writing and a higher score. See if you can identify how they differ

  4. Use a tool such as, Grammarly to correct your own grammar in your writing.

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