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Private Portuguese Lessons



Live a language with Viva! Be surrounded by like-minded people, experience the language with others who share your passion. Live it, breathe it, taste it.




Our students come from all walks of life. People wanting to set up businesses in South America, couples wanting to bridge the language gap for love, amateur historians who love the culture or simply travellers wanting to really experience what it is to be in South America!


While maintaining a fun learning environment, Viva is devoted to get students to achieve linguistic efficiency through cultural immersion and active recall exercises in all 4 areas of language learning: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.


Our Teachers  

At Viva we love what we do. Our team of driven people have come together to provide the ultimate language experience. We love to teach and we have fun while we do it.



Viva does a really good job of varying the content of the classes, and uses lots of culturally relevant material like Brazilian songs, stories, current events, books, etc. which really helps to keep it interesting.  He also does a good job of tailoring the classes to the students needs.


Paul Dowling

Market Analyst


The Viva system ensures you always make progress, through a combination of one on one teaching, group classes, singing, prepared material and external aids such as 

language Apps; he embraces a number of different techniques depending on what you respond best to to customise the learning experience. 


Jason MacLulich





Rather than simply trying to teach you Portuguese through wrote-learning or repetition, Viva strives to instil in you a true and proper understanding of the way in which the language works. In this way, it becomes much easier to pick up the language once you actually begin to recognise the rules of Portuguese and the differences in sentence structure when comparing Portuguese to English.


Chesterton Cook

Retail Manager


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