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Planning to Go to Latin America? Discover Peru!


Machu Pichu

Peru is an amazing country in every aspect. A country with history of more than 5000 years and a destination that embraces countless tourist destinations. Peru has attractions and notable places for travelers to enjoy during their vacation. This history-rich country provides you with the chance to encounter incredible cultures, captivating festivals and natural sceneries where you can pass pleasant time just relaxing.



The pronounced culture of ancient Peru articulates a heritage and diversity of native tongues that co-exist in its land. Spanish is the official language but other constitutionally recognized languages are Quechua and Aimara. Peru claims one of the leading assortments of arts and crafts in the world, as can be grasped from the increasing network of exporters who unveil the dexterity of Peruvian artisans in Europe, North America and Asia. The color, diversity, originality and several purposes of Peru's traditional art makes it a central activity for both its cultural uniqueness, and a lifestyle for thousands of people and entire populations, for example Quinua and Sarhua in Ayacucho. With outstanding cuisine and gastronomy, diverse and bursting with colors and aromas, its partition into coast, moorlands and jungle, Peru offers a cultural multiplicity that makes it a nation full of distinctions and charms, always unforeseen and fascinating

The following slangs are common in the country and necessary to know:

A su madre - an expression of amazement, frequently shortened as “asu!

Brócoli - a man who is homosexual.

Bróder - a friend (from the English word “brother”).

Chévere - awesome, cool, great.

Chupar - to drink alcohol.


There are some activities you cannot afford to miss while in Peru. The first one is attending the traditional Ayahuasca ceremony to witness insightful healing and transformation. It is your choice to take part in, or simply watch it. This shamanistic healing ceremony might be seen as disturbing for some, but for the vast majority this is considered to be an edifying realm when it comes to spiritual wisdom.

Shamans have always considered Ayahuasca as a doorway into their personalities and inner worlds as it has the capability of spiritual arousal. They claim the ritual can cure any disease. The Ayahuasca medicine is a revered herbal brew that has been used by native Amazonian humanities for many centuries, mainly for healing, foretelling and psychic awakening. It is a powerful and usually an extremely transformative experience that accelerates deep healing.

Pisco sour another classic Peruvian brandy cocktail to try out. Most natives like it better with lemons. The drink’s name originates from its base liquor (pisco), and the cocktail word (sour), with regard to sour citrus juice as well as sweeteners.

Another delicacy to look out for is ceviche, which embroils dipping subtle raw fish in sweet-smelling citrus squashes, as an inventive way to prepare fresh fish slowly. The dish is “cooked” fresh to reduce threats of food poisoning since heat is not involved.


Cuzco has the leading tourist pull in Peru, and it is the most visited destination. It was the capital of the Inca Kingdom and then seized by the Spanish conquerors. Currently, it has a structural design that their people safeguards with self-importance with its customs. It is also the mandatory step to recognize the mystic and unfathomable Machu Picchu Inca City, which was unknown by the Spaniards and revealed in 1911 by the occidental culture. Cuzco is well thought-out as a Cultural World Heritage Site for its antique value and exquisiteness.

Lima, Peru’s capital is a great city and normally the entrance door to the country. Although Lima is situated along the coastline, few travelers spend time on its far-reaching Pacific beaches. The Peruvian shoreline is well known for its Humboldt (Peru) Current, a gust of Antarctic water flowing rapidly up the coast of South America to Piura, north of Lima. The beaches found in Lima include Miraflores, Chorrillos, Port Callao, Punta Hermosa and Santa María del Mar. Tourists also delight in a great selection of live gigs, cultural spectacles, amusement centers, lavish casinos and folkloric.

Other recommendable places to visit include Puno, positioned in the Andean highland and alongside the Titicaca, the highest maneuverable lake globally and occupied by the Uros people.

Paracas is the point where the sea and the desert unite in remarkable landscapes. It is an admirable destination for the nature devotees and ornithologists. Nazca Lines is a matchless place, packed with mystery and spirituality, great forms of vast facts and lines of outstanding excellence.

Have you already been to Peru? Leave a comment and let us know about your experience there and stay tuned for more at Viva Blog!

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