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Viva Tips - IELTS (Part 1)


The IELTS exam will test your speaking proficiency, this part of the exam is divided into three sections.

Understand how this part works and get ahead by avoiding panic and stress.

Part One( 4-5 minutes)

This is a short interview between you and the examiner. The examiner will check your ID, address etc and then ask you a few general questions.

Part Two ( 3-4 minutes)

The examiner will give you a topic card and you will be asked to speak by yourself on this topic for about 3-4 minutes. The examiner will not interrupt you during this time.

Part Three ( 4- 5 minutes)``

The examiner will ask you some follow up questions about your topic from part two. This is where you have the opportunity to explain your ideas in greater detail.


  1. Practice, practice, practice.We really do recommend trying out some of the example speaking topics. See our Facebook page for examples. Set a timer on your phone and see if you can speak for the whole time on each topic.

  2. Record your speaking on your phone. Listen back and see if you can notice your own pronunciation errors or how often you hesitate. Is there a word you keep repeating? Are you using a large range of vocabulary?

  3. Watch TV, movies and read this will really help you to improve your vocabulary range and pronunciation.

  4. Speak as much as possible with native speakers.

  5. Keep a vocabulary book.

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