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Fees and Courses 

Viva offers a variety of study options in all levels, from beginner to advanced, and all forms from private tutoring  to group lessons. Prices vary based on the course’s length and size. 


Private lessons usually have 2 hours of duration.  We also offer shorter lessons for those students who lack time and availability!


Group Lessons last for 10 weeks and have 2 hours of duration each. If you are still keen on a one-on-one lesson and would like to save, then our pair lesson option (DUPLA) will allow you to share a lesson with another student on the same level as you getting more attention from your tutor.


Online lessons are cheaper and very interactive as well, so if you would like to study and save some money, check out our online deals!





Private Lessons


Private lessons are entirely focused on your particular needs, even though most of the students are good at learning the language, they each have their own weaknesses to work. Our goal is to ensure you get value out of each session and recognise your improvements through progress checks, so you are always motivated!


You may be searching for a quick solution due to an upcoming trip, business opportunity, or even to get closer to their friends or partner's family. See below some of the programs offered by Viva Private. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us!


Seeking new business opportunities? Being relocated? Looking to establish your business in one of the fastest developing countries in the world?


Did you know that most of the people in Brazil do not speak English or Spanish? Learn portuguese to do business with potential clients, customers, suppliers and not get swindled.


Business Portuguese lessons are tailored specifically for corporate clients who need their employees to thrive in Latin America. Available for groups or one-on-one lessons.


Fallen in love with that special someone? With the lifestyle? Looking to settle and wanting to prepare yourself for your new life?


Learn portuguese and live free in one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world; share those special moments with family, friends and socialise with ease.



Getting away from it all? Wanting to relax in and experience the culture of one of the most beautiful places in the world?


Get around with ease, become part of the culture, learn the basics to find the toilet, buy a drink, take a taxi to the theatre and make new friends!


Online Deals

*If you study between 09:00 - 14:00 you are eligible for the 10 hours early bird package (online only).

**If you study anywhere around Ryde (Sydney) you are eligible for the 10 hours face-to-face special.

Group Tutoring
Group Lessons


Group lessons can be fun and interactive at the same time, allowing you not only to learn the language, but to meet people while saving with the fee. 


We like to allow our students to define the length of their course and the size of each lesson.


We offer basic, intermediate and advanced courses, each course is divided in three levels. Please contact us for more information! 

Courses Available
Basic 101

Course duration: 20 hours

Time: Saturday or Sunday from 10am to 1pm

Requirements: No previous study required

Start date: new lessons starting every month, please contact us for more information!


On the 3 levels of this course you will learn about numerous important topics for you to be able to communicate with people in a Basic basis. The outlines include topics such as the ones below:


  • Greetings - Introduce yourself/family/friends (occupation, age, nationality), meeting people and inviting friends for a big night out!

  • Personal Pronouns (I, You, She, They, Etc) - Learn how to use it and tricks to memorize it

  • Numbers, Dates, Time and Weather

  • Pronunciation and Alphabet:  Speak like a Brazilian using Viva methodology and learn how to spell words

  • Present tense: Understand well how tenses work and learn methods to conjugate verbs quicker

  • Main Verbs:  Get familiar with the main verbs used everyday such as "to go", "to be", "to like".

  • Demonstrative Pronouns and Adjectives: Talk about people and friends and be able to say things like:

  • "Hi everyone!  This is my friend Scott, he is a really cool guy and lives in the corner of Bronson St. with Gladstone St. We are going to play football tomorrow morning and have Feijoada at our friends place. That lady over there is his mom and she is a very good cook!"

  • Gender: masculine or feminine? Viva methodology will help you not getting confuse anymore.

  • Numbers:  from 0 to 1 million in a few easy steps!

  • Main Prepositions and Articles: words that will help you building your sentences, such as: by, at, from, in or the, a, an.

  • Building sentences and thinking in portuguese





Select the style that suits you best:
Viva Promotions
Viva Promotions


Viva penny saving deals were created for those who want to learn a new language but currently have a low budget. 


Go Online and save plenty!

Study online via Skype or Google Hangouts and save at least $10 per hour! 



Viva Amigos

When you and friend join a Viva Group Lesson both get $30 off.


Get 2 free online lessons when a friend purchases any of our packages

Early Bird $32/h

Study between 09:00 and 14:00 during weekdays and pay only $32/h!


Come Over!

Pay only $35/h for private face-to-face tutoring by meeting your tutor at a place of his/her choice! ​

2 hours for 1 on your first private lesson 

Study two hours on your first lesson and only pay for one. That should allow you to evaluate our lessons without spending much. 

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